At IKIRU exercising turns into pleasure through an array of exercises
and training techniques adjusted to your body’s needs so that you can get the results you wish for.



Yoga is practiced by people all ages and is the appropriate method to combat stress effectively. During this class, by combining breathing exercises with body positions, we aim to improve our physical and mental health. Furthermore, we obtain better flexibility and musculoskeletal power, we protect our spine and promote blood circulation. As a result, we release a feeling of wellness and adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Pilates is a holistic exercising method that is suitable for all ages. It’s based on combination of body and mind. It strengthens the whole body, and corrects its posture while also improving its balance. The training rhythm and repetitions of a wide variety of exercises executed at every session aids in gaining better understanding of your body, muscles and range of movement.



Barre Fitness is hybrid form of exercise that combines ballet movements, with Yoga – Pilates and dance. During our training sessions, we use the barre as well as characteristic ballet elements such as plies, relieve and stretching along with exercises to strengthen your legs, arms and torso inspired by Yoga – Pilates playbook to achieve a fantastic result of fitness and well-being without straining the body.


Also known as Total Resistance Exercise it’s a special method of training using harnesses. Through more than 300 exercises you can rapidly achieve:

• Increase in your muscular strength
• Excess fat burning
• Fitness improvement

Together we establish your personal needs and create the ideal fitness program for you.


"Good physical condition is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body,
but also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity".
John F. Kennedy

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