The IKIRU team is an avid supporter of balanced nutrition but not so much of flavorless or boring meals. Your personal dietician, in alignment with your health coaching program, creates a unique dietary plan to suit your preferences and goals guaranteeing results.

In this space of wellness that we’ve created for you, nutrition is conducive to a qualitative and healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to adopt a healthy attitude towards food of deprivations or exaggerations, by following a balanced diet that provides the body with all the necessary nutritious substances. However, a healthy diet is not synonym for blunt and boring meals. It’s imperative we enjoy our food by making smart choices.
At IKIRU we approach every person on an individual basis depending on their needs, preferences and peculiarities.

We perform

We record your history in order to get to know you, evaluate your needs and discuss whichever dietary issue is on your mind

We design individualized dietary plans based on your unique characteristics and we set our goals as a team

We provide you you with the appropriate nutritional training and education to make sure you equipped to maintain the results after you leave our care
Our main aim is to help and guide you on your journey to achieve the results you deem ideal through an honest mutual collaboration.

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