Our philosophy

WE ARE INSPIRED by the Japanese philosophy that focuses on discovering the essence of living through experiences that promote balance and happiness.

WE UNDERSTOOD that for every person to unearth the meaning of their life and be happy, a holistic approach to wellness that places the emphasis on soul, body and spirit renewal is required. This is the key to an elevated way of life.

WE ENVISIONED a way to make this possibility of rebirth a reality by designing personalized massage, exercising, dietary and life coaching services.

WE CREATED a unique space of wellness and the name IKIRU, which in Japanese means “to live”, was born.

WE SELECTED the lotus as the symbol of this special place as well as its logo, the shape of which represents three elements: the shape of a raindrop, the shape of the body in the lotus yoga position, and the lotus flower itself, otherwise known as the flower of life. In this way, we succeeded in capturing all that IKIRU stands for in a single image in order to remind you of your own personal meaning of life.

At IKIRU our specialized personnel accompany and aids you in achieving the balance you need by means of their knowledge, techniques and methods, so that you can access a way of life of a higher quality.

Discover a new way of life, at IKIRU.

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