A wide variety of massages and body treatments performed by the hands of health
and beauty specialists evokes a profound synergy between physical care and spiritual clarity.
At IKIRU we provide you with bath robes, comfortable slippers and fresh towels.
There are also lockers for you to safely store your personal items. In addition, lockers are provided for you to store your personal items.


The customized body massage treatment specifically adjusted to your unique needs.

DURATION: 45' | PRICE: 35.00€


Calm your mind, release tension and nourish your skin with this holistic invigorating experience. Suited to your physical and emotional needs, this practice implements the use of carefully selected aromatherapy concoctions that relax, cleanse or revitalize your body, as the specialized massage itself relieves muscular tension and soothes feelings of anxiety. Mind and body are lead to a state of equilibrium and a sense of inner peace is delicately restored.

DURATION: 60' | PRICE: 50.00€
DURATION: 90' | PRICE: 70.00€


By fostering senses of comfort and warmth this deeply soothing massage, which features basalt hot stones on your muscles, offers liberation and relaxation, while the pure essential oils relieve you of stress, revitalize your spirit and leave you feeling reborn.

DURATION: 90' | PRICE: 70.00€

μάλαξη ποδιών

An ancient healing art practiced for over 5000 years.
Applying pressure to reflex points mapped on the soles and palms activates the nervous system to "clear" blockages in corresponding areas of the body. The reduction of stress combined with improved circulation helps the body return to normal function and provides deep relaxation.

DURATION: 60' | PRICE: 60.00€


This intense therapy combines a range of exceptional massage techniques with the aim of alleviating pain and increasing flexibility. The soft tissue mobilization techniques, also known as myofascial release, are used to relieve persistent knots on multiple areas of the body that can’t be remedied with a typical massage, making this treatment the ultimate experience of alleviation.

DURATION: 60' | PRICE: 60.00€
DURATION: 90' | PRICE: 75.00€


This experience is carefully curated for men. A special treatment that ameliorates your skin texture and offers alleviation over the repercussions of stress, fatigue and aging, featuring rosemary essential oils known for their therapeutic properties.



DURATION: 60' | PRICE: 50.00€
DURATION: 90' | PRICE: 70.00€


It favors the drainage of lymphatic fluids from the body’s tissues and promotes the retreat of bloating.

DURATION: 60' | PRICE: 50.00€


The treatment that stimulates the skin’s metabolism and targets cellulite along with fluid retention.

It leaves the skin smooth, the silhouette thinner and yourself feeling light as a feather.

DURATION: 30' | PRICE: 40.00€


The ultimate holistic massage therapy that unblocks stagnant energy in the body.

It combines the traditional art of essential oil massage with the ancient Thai healing method of pressure on the meridians of the body.

DURATION: 60' | PRICE: 60.00€


Revitalize your body and liven your spirit with this highly effective specialized massage that incorporates exquisitely blended aromatherapy essential oils that release the accumulated tension.

Full-body massage centered around areas of intense muscle spasms as well as a scalp massage.

DURATION: 60' | PRICE: 60.00€
DURATION: 90' | PRICE: 75.00€


A delightful massage for two featuring the 100% organic oils of Niels Yard to reach maximum relaxation of the senses, improve your mood and tighten your connection to your significant other.

DURATION: 60' | PRICE: 90.00€
DURATION: 90' | PRICE: 125.00€

Take your pick from our collection of essential oils, each of which has been designed for safe use during pregnancy to elevate your skin care routine.

This treatment employs a traditional aromatherapy massage to relieve the tension on your upper and lower back and your stiff shoulders, as well as to eradicate cramps, thus helping you and your body experience a deep state of tranquility.


DURATION: 60' | PRICE: 50.00€

VIP Treatments


This traditional technique is executed on a Thai massage bed while wearing loose clothing. A combination of tender swaying movements and supportive stretching exercises opens up a sensation of profound alleviation along with body and mind revitalization. Its benefits include extenuated flexibility, joint and muscle tension release and, above all, stabilizing your body’s energy field.

DURATION: 75'   | PRICE: 60.00€
DURATION: 90'   | PRICE: 70.00€


Surrender yourself to this technique of Chinese medicine and rip the benefits of smudging (herb burning) on your body’s key acupuncture points.

DURATION: 60'   | PRICE: 55.00€
DURATION: 90'   | PRICE: 70.00€


Experience this unique method of Easter holistic practices that uses the energy of your body’s meridian lines to activate and free blocked energy centers so as to ease your discomfort and rebalance your chi.

DURATION: 60'   | PRICE: 60.00€


IKIRU offers a sophisticated and relaxing therapy by means of holistic process specially curated for those who wish to be completely renewed.
The five-different massages technique compilation will restore your balancing roots to the core.

DURATION: 90'   | PRICE: 90.00€


The therapeutic practice that the human kind has been for thousands of years to balance yin & yang.

It stimulates your metabolism, promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and improves your total state of wellness.

DURATION: 60'   | PRICE: 55.00€
DURATION: 90'   | PRICE: 70.00€


Relish an unforgettable massage experience of two experts working harmoniously on your body to offer you a unique sense of relaxation and prosperity.

DURATION: 60'   | PRICE: 100.00€


A relaxation therapy of exceptional quality during which, two practitioners simultaneously devote themselves your needs allowing you to experience immediate results.

Reflexology treatment on your solar plexus (the neuralgic center where anxiety is stored), the surface of your feet, including acupressure on key points of your body. A traditional therapy that emerges from the centuries-old traditions of Chinese medicine with the aim of promoting stress relief.


DURATION: 60'   | PRICE: 100.00€
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